June Recap

July 6, 2018

June just came and left.


For me, June was all about family and celebrating their wins. 


From graduations and promotions to birthdays and summer holidays, I'm grateful for


the time I got to spend with family.


Here's a quick recap of what the month of June was like for me! 




I went to my nephew's 8th grade graduation in Los Angeles. It's always exciting meeting up with family especially my sister. Our visit to L.A. was short and sweet but we made the most of it. A few weeks later, my family celebrated my sister in law's promotion to becoming a Nurse.




So this year for Father's Day, my dad wanted to go to the local fair and that's exactly what we did. We went with the grandkids and loaded the car with snacks and drinks. I also surprised my father with a DIY gift basket and he loved it.  






Hello 25 :)

Although June is my favorite month, this is not the BEST season God has me in! I have been trying to land a decent job but I've been getting rejected left and right. I applied, I prepared, I rewrote my resume, I showed up to the interviews I got invited to, and I smiled throughout the whole process but I somehow didn't get the job, even when I felt so confident about it! I think I can honestly say . . . I am at one of the lowest points in my life. It's such a bummer but I cannot dwell on these minor setbacks. I release my stress and sadness by working out at the gym.  I just have to keep pushing despite rejection. 



And finally . . .

My Dad is officially a Retired Man!!

I am beyond HAPPY and proud of my father for retiring. I grew up watching my dad provide for my family and now he can finally RELAX. I don't want to get too emotional on this blog so I will save it for another post!

I  love you dad, IT'S TIME TO ENJOY LIFE!!! 



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