New Hair | Japanese Straight Perm

May 31, 2018

Having long hair can be so much work sometimes. As you'll see in the photos below, my natural hair has plenty of frizz and volume hahaha! My hair stylist has been recommending the Japanese perm to me for a while and I finally gave in. I wanted to share my hair transformation with you all since it's my first time getting a perm.


The Process took about 5 hours but it went by fast because the customer service was great. My hairstylist even hooked me up with some good coffee :) . Yes, the process is long but it's totally worth it because the Japanese perm lasts up to 1 year. If you plan on getting your hair done, I definitely recommend packing snacks in your purse. 





My hair is crazy silky! If you have thick hair you would understand my amazement LOL! My hairstylist told me that she couldn't even recognize me from behind anymore..I couldn't recognize myself too LOL! I love that my hair feels nice and light on my head and I can easily run my fingers through it. I miss my natural curly hair but I'm going to have fun with this Japanese perm. One of the biggest benefits of this hairstyle is that it looks "professional" all the time, even when you wake up in the morning! I love that it's not a hassle to fix my hair anymore. I can see why my hairstylist has been telling me to get the Japanese perm for awhile! I have no regrets. 



FYI: I never let ANYONE touch my hair so the fact that I allowed my hairstylist to do a dramatic change to my hair says a lot. So THANK YOU to my hairdresser LYNN at Lavender Salon in Fremont,CA and THANK YOU to my mom and dad for sponsoring me.. this was my early birthday gift. I enjoyed getting pampered  :) 





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