25 "I Loves" For My Love

May 1, 2018


1. I love when you tell me about your childhood memories. I always want to hear more!


2. I love your laugh. Your sarcastic laugh, your fake laugh, your obnoxious laugh..all of them. 


3. I love the love you have for your family.


4. I love that you have a servant's heart.



5. I love how smart you are. 


6. I love how you cancel my pity parties LOL! You are a great encourager. 


7. I love how you know I'm on my period because of my mood swings. 


8. I love your consistency. 


9. I love how you explain things to me when I'm having a slow moment. 


10. I love how you always see the good in people. All the years I've known you, you never said one bad thing about anyone.


11. I love that you can hold my hands and pray for me when I am having a bad day. 

12. I love when you finish my leftovers because I eat like a bird. 



13. I love that we don't have to do much to have fun. We can literally sit at home and laugh at memes all day.

14. I love that we can read the Bible together and meditate on what we learned.


15. I love when you tell me a joke. 


16. I love that you're clean. You do your laundry weekly and you always smell good lol!


17. I love how you support my blog. 


18. I love that you feel comfortable talking about our future together.


19. I love that you always think of Pancake (our dog).



20. I love that you never ask for much even though I always think you deserve more.


21. I love your big bear hugs.


22. I love how you respect my parents, this means so much to me.  


23. I love your handsome face.


24. I love your goofy personality.

25. I love YOU baby! Happy Birthday!! 




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