Simple Ways to Put Jesus In Your Busy Schedule

March 30, 2018


Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.

Psalm 62:1


We've all been in a position where we have been distracted by the busyness of the world and we tend to give God our leftover minutes. Our minds are so occupied with work, family, school, our dating life, and other activities that we lose sight of our relationship with Jesus. OR sometimes we are just flat out lazy. We'd rather be doing other "important" things rather than spend quality time with God. 


What are your priorities? Where is your heart at? Just like the tweet above mentioned, there is really no excuse when it comes to spending time with God. I always tell myself, "If you can go to the gym, you can go to church. If you can go to the movies, you can spend more time in prayer". There's something special about talking to God that puts things into perspective. You don't have to be some sort of religious figure to sit in the presence of God. No way! You can just be a regular shmegular person like me with an open heart and an open mind. God sees your willingness and He wants a *relationship* with you. 



I can honestly say, when I spend more time with Jesus I am at peace with myself and everything around me. I am calm, I am joyful, I have faith, and when things don't go my way.. I still have hope! God knows the desires of our hearts and He hears our prayers. This blog post is for the busy bodies, boss babes, goal getters, procrastinators, hustlers, and couch potatoes who think they don't have time for the LORD.. Think again! 


Here are some simple ways you can put Jesus in your busy schedule:


01. Listen to worship music in the car. 

02. Go for a prayer walk.

03. Pray while you're in traffic.

04. Read a Proverbs a day. 

05. Write in a prayer journal before bed. 
06. Pray while you're in the shower. 

07. Read a devotional before you eat your first meal of the day.

08. Create a worship playlist on Youtube. Listen to it while you clean or run errands. 

09. Spend 10 mins reading Bible, 10 mins praying, and 10 mins in worship. 


10. Write a Bible verse on a sticky note, stick it on the mirror, read it everyday of the week.

11. Praise and Worship Workout... this simply means listen to worship music while you workout! By doing this, you are getting fit spiritually and physically yayyy!

12. Kneel. Literally. The first thing you do as soon as you wake up...Kneel before God in prayer and ask Him to be in the day ahead of you.


I hope this helps! I'll end this blog by sharing my worship playlist on Youtube...  Click the picture below to listen to it . . . Thanks for reading :)











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