Why I Always Tip the Server

March 7, 2018


Many of us have dealt with horrible customer service while eating at a restaurant. If you haven't experienced bad customer service just go onto Yelp and you will find so many people who share negative reviews. Most of the time, Yelp reviewers complain about bad customer service from waiters. 


I can honestly say that I am a very understanding person when it comes to waiting for my food at a restaurant. However, I expect good customer service from the waiter because it's their job..this is what a server signs  up for when they apply to work at a restaurant. When I go out to eat with my man or my family, we want to relax and enjoy our food but unfortunately, it's not always a good time when we dine out.


In my opinion, a bad server is someone who simply doesn't do their job. Some of my pet peeves when it comes to servers is: when they don't ask for refills, gives an attitude for no reason, or when they let you wait for a loooooong time without checking on your table. When customers deal with this type of service, they start to question if they should even leave the waiter a tip or not. I've experienced bad customer service many times and TO BE HONEST I always tip the waiter regardless if the service is good or bad and here's why . . . 



Put yourself in the server's shoes


I once worked as a hostess at IHOP a few years ago and I've seen big families leave no tip and adults throw their tantrums at the waiter because their food didn't meet expectations. If you're a bad tipper, you really have to put yourself in the waiter's shoes. You and your family are only at the restaurant for about an hour but the waiter has to stay there for HOURS serving other people. Waiters deal with picky eaters, hANGRY people, and screaming babies all day.  



Serving is a stressful job

Servers are always multitasking and they're on their feet all day walking back and forth from the kitchen to the customer's table. They are checking on orders, preparing drinks, giving the chefs new orders, printing receipts, cleaning tables, and etc. I give props to every server in the world because ​it takes a lot of patience and enthusiasm to do their job especially on a bad day.  


Tip etiquette is real


and it's expected. Just in case you didn't realize this.... servers aren't rich people. They  live paycheck to paycheck like many of us who are struggling! Some servers rely on tips to support their families, pay bills, and put gas in their car to drive to school. You get the point. Tipping the server is common courtesy and expected. You have to tip at least 15% of the bill but unfortunately a lot of waiters have to deal with rude customers like this...





Be a blessing, spread human kindness

I say this especially to people of faith because we are supposed to be cheerful givers (read 2 Corinthians 9:7). I'm not saying that you have to be like that "Tips for Jesus" guy and tip thousands of dollars but you should definitely tip your waiter. Show love to your server even if they don't serve you well, God sees you giving and that's all that matters. Be a blessing!







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