10 Do's and Don'ts for Seriously Dating Couples

March 1, 2018

Do respect each other . . .

Everyone wants to be treated with respect so give respect. Being respectful in a relationship simply means being mindful of the other person.  

Don't stop being romantic . . .

Do something sweet for no reason. Make your man lunch for work or buy your woman coffee before she studies for a big test. These are little romantic gestures that will light up his /her face.


Do build a relationship with their family. . .

don't be a stranger. Treat his/her family like your own. 

Don't let yourself go . . .

keep going to the gym, keep fixing your hair, keep making your own money. Keep on keeping on with yourself and your life. You don't have to stop taking care of yourself  just because you're in a relationship. 

Do plan together . . .

You have to have a plan for your relationship. If there's no vision your relationship will crumble. Seriously dating couples don't date just for fun. Ask, "What are your dreams and aspirations? How can I help you get there?" Set goals and crush them together. 


Don't bottle up your emotions . . . 

If you're mad at something, say it. If you feel sad, say it. Your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't a mind reader. Bottling up your emotions will eventually cause you to lash out or have a meltdown. Try not to keep things to yourself especially if it bothers you. Express yourself....in a calm manner.


Do forgive quickly . . .

Try not to sleep in anger and don't hold onto grudges. Don't turn a small argument into a big issue. What's the problem? Don't be stubborn, settle it right away. Say sorry, forgive, and go on an ice cream date together. 


Don't forget important dates . . .

Anniversaries and birthdays are important. From your 18th birthday to your 80th birthday... When life gives you a chance to celebrate....CELEBRATE! 


Do encourage each other daily . . .

You should be your lover's biggest supporter. Build each other up with uplifting words.  Compliment each other. Don't be the type of person to nag your partner all the time. It's annoying and discouraging. Instead, be the one to speak life into your significant other. Your soulmate should be able to find comfort in you. 

Don't take your love for granted . . . because life is too short. 

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