January Recap

February 3, 2018



Happy February everyone!


As you may have noticed, I didn't blog much in January because I was in the middle of moving into a new home with my family and looking for a stable job so I really needed a break from my blog. Welllllll, I finally got my groove back and I'm looking forward to publishing new content this month. Before I even talk about upcoming blog posts let me catch you guys up on how the month of January went for me. 


Writing |
So for Christmas last year, I received a lot of notebooks and I decided to fill the pages up with prayers, goals, church notes and devotionals. I'm happy to say that I went to church every single Sunday in January hahaha! This is an accomplishment for me because I livestream sometimes. Writing consistently in my notebook is helping me to grow spiritually and it's something I look forward to doing.  


New Job! |

I spent most of the month sending my resume out to recruiters on LinkedIn and Indeed. Employment after college has been rough for me but I finally got a good paying job close to home. It's not my dream job, it's a survival job and I can't afford to wait around for big companies to hire me. Throughout January, I really had to be mentally and emotionally TOUGH for myself because I kept receiving rejection letters. After relying on temporary jobs and being unemployed for weeks.. I landed a job interview and now I'm employed again. Praise the Lord! 


New Gym Membership! |

I signed up for a new gym membership and yeah..that's all I wanted to say in this section hahaha!


Quality Time with Pancake |

Staying home means... spending more time with the dog. Yes! Pancake enjoyed having me home while I was off. She went on more car rides, ate more treats, got more cuddles, and watched more talkshows with me each morning haha! Pancake is growing up so fast I really cherish being with her when I'm home. Every dog owner knows how hard it is to get up and leave to work while their fur baby is following them around the house with the saddest puppy eyes. *sigh* 




This Month on the Blog | 

Now that we're all caught up with my life (LOL!), you can expect me to post a lot this month! Since it's February I will be sticking to the Valentine's Day theme. Trust me... I may be 24 but my brain is 64 LOL! I'm not a know-it-all but I know some things that can help a sister out. I will be pouring out a lot of relationship wisdom this month. Whether you're single or seriously dating I believe what I share will benefit somebody. My blog is going to go through a lot of changes the next few months so please be patient with me. Thank you sooooo much for stopping by! I can't leave you guys without asking . . .






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