2018: Being selfish, Bouncing back, and Bossing up

January 4, 2018

It's the first week of 2018 and I am soooooo here for new beginnings, new goals, and new adventures. I've been in school my whole life and 2017 was a year for me to find stability in the workplace and learn all the important things college didn't teach me. It's safe to say that 2017 wasn't my favorite year (LOL!) but I lived through it and I am so grateful to God for waking me up another day. 

Last night as I was writing down my 2018 aspirations, it dawned on me that I am turning twenty-five this year. . . it's a heavy feeling when you feel like you haven't really accomplished any grown folk goals. I cut myself some slack because I'm still learning and working towards where I want to be. I wanted to share three things that I am aiming to do this year. I don't want to call this a New Year's Resolution because it's beyond that. This is an action plan and a reminder to myself to keep moving forward.  



Being Selfish 

I mean this in the most loving way.  I thought of how I need to do things unapologetically. This might sound cliche but I am so forreals. I am going to be selfish with my time. I want to be a rebel....but in a Christian way if you know what I mean LOL! I grew up the only girl in a house filled with brothers and my Samoan parents babied me my whole life even now. At first, this was a luxury but now that I'm getting older it's starting to feel like a crutch. I refuse to let my parents take care of me my whole life. I lack independence and I hope to gain some kind of independence this year! Less guilt trips and more road trips...how bout that?!

Bouncing Back 

Physically and spiritually. I'm happy to say that I've always been a gym junkie with my man for the past few years but ever since my boo got a full time job our gym dates have been cancelled. My man has been working 12 hour days and he's the only gym partner I have LOL! I would like to bounce back to my regular gym routine. I have to plan a schedule where we both can set aside at least least 30 mins for the gym. Spiritually speaking, I need to bounce back in the Word of God aka the BIBLE. I would like to grow deeper into the Word of God. I want to be more knowledgable about the Bible, read it, understand it, and apply it to my daily life. Yes, I may have went to college but there is no wisdom greater than Godly wisdom :) 

Bossing Up

 I have to do better for myself this year. 2017 was such a confusing year for me because I just went with the flow and took any job offer that came my way (just as long as it offered good pay). This year will be much different. I'm turning 25 which means I'm almost 30 and I need to push myself daily. I don't want to settle for the status quo and live my life the same everyday because I know God created me to do much greater things at a time like this where everything is advancing. I pray to make a positive impact while flourishing in my own personal life. This is a year of building better habits and overcoming challenges by trusting God and making things happen.


Happy New Year's!!

I hope this will be a year of answered prayers for you. Make everyday count!


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