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October 5, 2017



Its been 10 months since I've graduated from college and I didn't realize this until San Jose State sent me an alumni donation letter in the mail. I guess "adulting" means going from one job to another until you land an occupation that pays you well and makes you happy. If you're going to live life working all the time, you minus well do something  you're going to enjoy. My temporary job at a California State University ended last month and now I'm doing property management work at a Real Estate company. I have the privilege to work from home on some days so I can't complain. 


I have to admit, going to college and getting your degree actually makes a difference. Well, at least for me it did. All the jobs I've applied to require at least a Bachelors Degree and when I sit in interviews employers have asked, What is your highest education level? It just feels good to respond, "I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Journalism at San Jose State University". I will never overlook the fact that I worked my tail off to get my degree, just like every other college graduate. I'm so grateful for mentors in my life who are patient with me and willing to help. I wouldn't have met half of the awesome people I know today if it wasn't for my college networking experience.

10 months after college, I'm working, learning, and bettering myself. I'm growing. That's awkward to say but it's true.  I like where I am at right now but I am always aiming for the bigger picture. In two weeks, I will be attending an Exam Prep course to get my Real Estate License. I'm going to need many prayers from you all! I'm also debating if I should attend Grad School or not. I was thinking of getting into Creative Writing but than again. . . . I will need many prayers from you all!! College is expensive but it's worth every penny if you make the most out of every opportunity that comes afterwards. 

As for my blog, my plan is to be consistent and creative. Putting in work on this blog is so time consuming but it's something that I enjoy doing. I decided to jump on the Vlogtober Train which means I will be posting daily videos on my Snapchat and Facebook page so you guys can get to know the REAL ME. Well, minus the snapchat bunny filter and high pitch voice hahaha! The purpose of Vlogtober is for my blog readers to get to know me and who I am in real life. So if you haven't already . . . . Add me on Snapchat at: Fiaoilau or click the Facebook screenshot below to LIKE my Blog's Facebook Page.  If you just recently graduated, let me know how your Post Grad Life has been going! Thanks for stopping by :) 








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