Don't Downplay the Importance of Good Manners

September 28, 2017

In this day and age, having good manners seems to be foreign. Sometimes it feels like this world is going backwards because we see our youth getting comfortable being disrespectful. Now that I'm almost approaching my mid-twenties, my heart is filled with much appreciation and  gratitude when I think of how my parents raised me. I can't speak for every Polynesian family but many Islander families were taught to respect the elderly and to show great hospitality to those we encounter. Being well mannered is a characteristic that has been ingrained in our culture and it's something that should come natural. If a friend invited me to their house, I'll take my shoes off before entering and say hello to her parents.  I will also say "excuse me" when walking in front of people. Call me old school or whatever but I still believe in honoring my parents through my actions.  This blog post was inspired by a tweet from Youtube sensation, Lilly Singh. She tweeted, 



"Never underestimate the importance of having manners" 



I think the message behind this tweet is, don't overlook the simple act of being polite to others.  There's just something about a well mannered person that stands out to me. When I was in junior college, I worked as a Peer Advisor and my job was to inform students when they had questions about classes, campus programs, or financial aid. It was the first week of the semester and we were really busy. I remember one woman had been standing in line for a long time while I was assisting the students who were in line before her. Keep in mind Peer Advisors may deal with unhappy students on busy days! When I finally had the chance to help the woman I apologized for the long wait and she didn't complain a bit. Instead she said,  


"I treat you like how I want people  to treat my mom when she goes out to places. I want my mom to be taken care of and have the best service."


I kept her words with me because she challenged me to always give my best. This woman is a great example of showing good manners because she was extremely kind and she made me feel like I was doing a wonderful job as a Peer Advisor. This lady may not know the positive effect she had on me but it's these little acts of kindness that can be the highlight of someone's day.  I'm not writing this blog post to sound like a Ms. Goody Two Shoes or to sound all high maintenance (because I'm really not LOL!).  Those aren't my intentions.


I wrote this post because I genuinely believe that having good manners will take you far in life. Let's be real, who wants to hangout with someone who has a negative attitude all the time? OR maybe I should ask, who wants to eat at a restaurant where the waitress gives bad service? Bad service means bad reviews on Yelp! People avoid going to places with bad reviews on Yelp because they don't want to waste their money. Nobody wants to deal with someone who has a bad attitude so why not make life a little easier and just be polite? You will never regret being kind and courteous. Don't downplay the importance of good manners.







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