OUR LOVE | 7 Year Anniversary Fun!

September 21, 2017

I hate to get all mushy on you guys but I have a great reason to be lovey dovey.... My boyfriend and I celebrated 7 years together! 7 years ago on September 19th, we were teenagers walking to 711 to get a drink and BAM! We became each other's significant other lol!! Fast forward to today, our relationship is 7 years and 1 day old. I gave you guys the super fast version of our love story because this blog post has a lot of pictures in it haha! 


I really believe in celebrating anniversaries because it's a great way of showing your love and appreciation for each other as a couple. If you're dating with the intentions to get married than this is vital (by the way, I learned this in premarital counseling). Never lose your spark for each other, ever. When you both work hard throughout the week, you deserve to be spoiled by each other. In the future when my bf and I are married with children we will still be celebrating our anniversary together. I wanted to share with you all how we celebrated our 7th year :)



Thank You Jesus For the Food! 



Forever My Love . . . 

I was so happy when our authentic WWE shirts arrived in the mail! "Just Bring It" is a famous phrase that The Rock would say all the time. I like to apply his saying to my daily lifestyle because it reminds me that I can take on any obstacle that life throws at me or us! We got this boo! #teamBringIt


Our daughter Pancake didn't care

about our anniversary. She just wanted to see if we bought home leftovers lol! #spoileddog




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