5 Types of People I Don't Want to Sit Next to at the Movies

September 6, 2017


I'm always down for a movie date. There are so many things that I look forward to when going to the theaters: popcorn with extra butter, chocolate covered raisins, a large coke, nachos covered with sour cream and jalapeños, and a large hot dog with extra mayo, ketchup, and relish. Oh yea, I can't forget to mention spending quality time with my handsome date haha! Going to the movies has become one of our favorite things to do as a couple. We've been moviegoers for over a year and we've had some frustrating experiences. Ok, maybe the word frustrating makes me sound a little dramatic but we've experienced some pretty annoying mishaps at the movie theaters. If you're a  moviegoer like me I'm pretty sure you've been in similar situations. Here are five types of people that I do not want to sit next to at the movies:   



5. The Cell Phone Chick... Okay girl, do you need to snapchat the whole movie?! LOL!



4. The Couple that needs to get a room ... No Im not talking about my boyfriend and I LMBO! I'm talking about the couple next to us! Let's keep it classy people.  


3. ​The child who keeps kicking my seat. I never sat next to a kicking child lol but I've seen it happen to someone else in the movies. It's even worse when the parent doesn't  tell their kid to stop.



2. Seat Snatchers... When you go to the movies with reserved seating there is absolutely no point of sneaking in LOL! One time my boyfriend and I reserved seats at a movie theatre and there were teenagers sitting on our recliner chairs. As soon as they saw us they got up and left because they knew they didn't belong there. When you steal someone's seat you just make things awkward  haha! It's simple, if you didn't pay for the seat than don't watch the movie.



1. The Loud Dude . . .is the worst! When I went to watch the Tupac Movie a few months ago, there was some dude who walked in the theater during the middle of the movie and he just started talking to his friends super loud. When he was told to quiet down, he started cussing and it just really wasn't necessary. 

HOMER in the GIF below is pretty much how I feel when it comes to these situations hahaha!

I guess my point is, if you decide to go watch a movie please be mindful of others! People pay money to watch a good flick and they expect to have an awesome time. Don't ruin their experience. 







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