BOSS BABE FEATURE: You’re Making Boss Moves and You Don’t Even Know It

September 2, 2017

Picture this. You are sitting in your office scrolling down your social media feed. You read that one friend just got accepted into grad school and another friend is sipping margaritas on some paradise beach island. Although you are genuinely happy for them, you begin to reflect on your own life and you think, “What do I have going on for myself?”. 


Yes, your friends may be doing great but so are you.


Throughout college, at the gym , and even in the workplace, I’ve heard strong women lessen their talents and what they are capable of doing. Isn’t it funny how a woman can earn her Doctorate’s degree or run a successful business and somehow she will devalue herself? I will never forget the words my Journalism professor said to me. She said, 


“Stop selling yourself short, you are doing better than you think”

My professor was right. Don’t overlook yourself. Ever. You’re making boss moves and you don’t even know it. A Boss Move is simply when a woman decides to take responsibility over her life and she makes decisions that will help her grow. 


Maybe you’ve been going to the gym more often, that’s awesome! Studies show that exercising decreases your chances of depression and boosts up your happy endorphins. Do you know how hard it is for people to free their time for a 30 minute workout and look at you… getting it in!  


Perhaps, you just graduated college and now you’re paying off your student debt. Congratulations! That means you have a job and your priorities are in order because you’re on the path to living a debt free life!


Maybe you’re a college student trying to network with professionals who you admire. Landing a position in your dream job takes a lot of time and effort. You have to write a brand new resume and get creative with your cover letter in hopes that you will stand out among thousands of other applicants. The fact that you are pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone is a total boss move! 


Although these things may seem small to you, they actually play a huge role in getting you to where you want to be in life. You might not like where you are at right now, but please understand that it is just a stepping stone. Don’t trap yourself into thinking that your college degree isn’t good enough or that your 9-5 job isn’t supporting you. Always remember that the little things add up to the bigger picture. What Boss Moves are you making?


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