Tattoos and Promise Rings

February 9, 2017





"His & Her Promise Ring" photo from Pinterest


I feel like I've been in a relationship long enough to understand the do's and don'ts of one. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 6 years and we've had our talks about couple tattoos and promise rings - Should we get one....or nah? Why is it important? Is it worth the money? How will this benefit us? Before we make major decisions, we always take the time to really think about it and talk things over. I think it's safe to say that tattoos isn't our cup of tea and promise rings...well... you'll find out later in this blog. (Side note: I'm only referring to couple tattoos in this blog post)

 I don't agree with couples who feel like they have to prove their love by getting each others names tatted on their skin. If you're in a serious relationship you would know that tattoos don't prove anything. You prove your love by being consistent every single day with your significant other. I've been in a committed relationship since I was 17 and I would never get my boyfriend's name marked on my body. This doesn't mean I love my boyfriend any less, it just means we set boundaries in our relationship.   I know couples who got their names tatted on each other and their relationship didn't work out in the long run. It's very unfortunate and I can't help but think.... 




When it comes to promise rings, I will admit that at one point in my relationship I actually wanted one. I thought that a promise ring was totally necessary for my boyfriend and I  because we were "seriously dating" for about 4 years during the time. I also wanted to let the whole world know that I'm happily taken and I love my man LOL (I'm laughing to myself but it's so true!). After we had multiple discussions on wearing promise rings we came to the conclusion that just like tattoos, promise rings ain't our cup of tea either.


I questioned,  What's the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring? Apparently, a promise ring acts as a "pre-engagement" ring and it means that your man has decided to take your love to the next level. In my mind, I can't help but to think "if my boyfriend is going to give me a promise ring he minus well give me an engagement ring" LOL!!!! He totally agrees. I realized that if I settle for a promise ring, I'm settling for less than what I deserve. At this point in my relationship, I'm not going to walk in a jewelry store to pick up a "promise ring" when I've been with my boyfriend for over 6 years lol! Mama didn't raise no fool. 


I'm sure there are awesome couples out there who are happy with their tattoos and promise rings and I wish their relationship nothing but the BEST. I guess the whole point of this blog post is to think TWICE before you do something that you might regret. Don't allow love to make you do stupid things LOL! Just remember that solid happiness doesn't come from a ring on your finger or a permanent mark on your body. Happiness comes from the simple things like making each other laugh at 1 in the morning or eating breakfast together during dinner time.



 My love and I back in 2013






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