How We Made Our Long Distance Relationship Work

November 30, 2016

Being in a long distance relationship (LDR) was the first biggest challenge my boyfriend and I faced. When we met we were *literally* neighbors so imagine how it feels to live across the country from each other! After graduating junior college together, my lover got a scholarship to attend Northern Michigan University. I was so happy for him but at the same time I couldn't imagine living far away from him. When my bf left to Michigan for school we were already together for 3 years (since teenagers!). Speaking of teenagers... here's *us* at our high school prom LOL! 



Back to the purpose of this blog... I understand the LDR struggle and I've learned how to deal with it. Now that my boyfriend and I are reunited back in our home state (California), I thought I'd share how we survived our long distance relationship.


We Communicated. I'm not trying to sound cliche but it's true... "Communication is key". While you and your man are apart from each other , you have to talk to each other as if you never even moved. Check on each other all the time. I remember my boyfriend would always make sure I made it home safe from school when I had night classes. I would communicate by sending encouraging texts to brighten up my boo's morning. I came across this AWESOME app called Avocado and it was specifically made for LDR couples. It had heartwarming features like funny emojis, video cam, and  "Send a hug" :) . This app is just too cool and I encourage every LDR couple to download it.












We Kept Busy

I think the hardest part about being in a long distance relationship is that you have to adjust to being alone. There were times when I felt lonely and sad but I knew I had to keep myself occupied because I didn't want to be overwhelmed by my emotions.  One of the best things you can do for yourself is to keep busy. Seriously. This is a great time for you to focus on YOU. Focus on thriving in school, decorate your room, hangout with your family more, read a new book,  find a hobby - I think you get the point! Stay busy. 


We Prayed for each other

I don't know about you but prayer always makes my bf and I feel better. Prayer takes away our worries and reminds us that God is in control. I prayed for my man all the time and I still do. When both of our schedules got hectic, I would pray for my boyfriend through text messages because I wanted to remind him that God is always with Him! There's comfort and peace in prayer. I don't care if my bf and I get on each others nerves, I will ALWAYS talk to God about my man.


We Surprised Each other!


Unfortunately, when you're in a long distance relationship you miss out on all the fun holidays including birthdays and anniversaries! The photo above is me on Valentines Day! LOL!! I was feeling love sick walking around Target during that time. I took a selfie and sent it to my man and in return, my man sent me a selfie of him walking home from school. On our four year anniversary, my love surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It was so beautiful I couldn't stop staring at it LOL! One day, I randomly sent my man a BOX full of sweets, samoan food, and little toiletries. I had so much fun putting this box together and making it look pretty. I will never forget the excitement in my honey's voice when he called me and thanked me for his gift! (Side note:  Look on pinterest for inspiration!! I always like getting creative)  


^^This is how a goodie box looks when you date a Samoan girl! LOL!


We Stayed Strong 

I used to dread saying goodbye to my man as I  watched  him board his flight to Michigan. On the outside, I put on this tough face as if I had it all together but on the inside I was crushed. We were thousands of miles apart from each other for only a *season* . Distance can either make or break a couple. When you truly love someone distance doesn't matter and being faithful is easy. In the end, we learned that distance only made us grow closer to each other. I know everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for our relationship. I'm most grateful to God for giving us the strength to get through this tough season and I'm blessed to have such a sweet and loving boyfriend.   







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