20 thoughts I say to myself at the gym

November 17, 2016


It's so easy to get discouraged when you want your body to look a certain way.  As I continue to push myself in the gym, I realize how important it is to motivate myself. There are days when I feel so lazy that I'd rather just stay home and catch up on my favorite talk shows... These are the days when I really have to push through my sluggishness. Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves. I like to give myself a good ol  "pep talk" during my workout LOL! There's nothing wrong with a little self motivation riighhttt?! Here are 20 motivating (and random) thoughts I often say to myself at the gym ...  




"Stay focused"


 "Don't get weak"


"You can do it girl"


"Just. one. more. set."


"Learn to love this pain"


"Can't wait to eat after this"


"I want to be sexy not skinny"


"I should've drank more water!"


"I need to invest in new gym clothes"


"Woah, where did these gains come from?!"


"Can't wait to go to the beach with my boo!"


"My future kids are going to have a hot mom."


"I need to turn up this Nicki Minaj song! Yasss!" 


"My body must look good at my future wedding!"


*DJ Khaled voice* "They don't wanna see you win" 


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"


"When are these abs going to come into my life to stay?!"  


"My boyfriend can't be the only cute one in this relationship"


"Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to come to the gym today"




*Gym update*: In the photo above I'm practicing my squat form ... I'm such a sweaty mess LOL! However, I feel my hamstring and glute muscles getting stronger especially since I've been lifting leg weights. I'm happy with the results. I'm also working on my abs and arms, especially my arms! I just want my arms to be toned. One thing I REALLY need to work on is my "recovery process". I learned in my health class that the recovery process is the most important part of a workout. I need to eat more protein and drink a lot more water. Just got to keep it going!


Stay motivated my friends!!!!



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