October Recap

November 3, 2016

If you've been keeping up with me, you probably noticed that I've been absent with my blog posts! My last semester of college has been super hectic and I'm finally recovering from a bad cold. Since I was so busy (and sick) last month, I thought I'd blog about my highlight moments during the month of October. Woooohooooo!! Let's go! 


Highlight #1: Welcome Cayson!!

No matter how stressful life can be,  a new baby always brings joy and pure love inside our lives. With a newborn in the family, I am reminded of God's goodness and grace. I'm so  blessed to have another nephew and I'm grateful to God that Cayson is healthy and well! My nephew was born on October 24th around 6AM-ish! I cherish these moments.


Highlight #2  Hello Rain!

From the relaxing sound to the fresh clean air, I just love everything about rainy weather. The Bay Area needs the rain.  I like to call it "hot chocolate weather" because this type of weather always makes me crave hot chocolate lol! My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to camp in my house and catch up with my latest tv shows! 


Highlight #3  All my favorite shows are back on TV *squeal*! 

"How to Get Away with Murder" is a show that I've been keeping up with since season 1! I love watching this thriller every week with my boo. We're so curious to see whose body was found in Annalise's house! HTGAWM gets more and more crazier every week. The actors are phenomenal. My favorite character is Annalise Keating because she's a savage! Total Bellas on E! and Jane the Virgin on CW are other shows that I enjoy binge watching!



Highlight #4 Getting a good grade on a big assignment


School has been hectic for me during the month of October. I had midterms to study for, papers to write, and presentations to prepare for. I am not a big fan of presentations. When I finally presented my class facilitation for my women studies class I was so happy when it was all over! I felt like a  big weight was lifted off my shoulders! This assignment was one of my biggest projects this semester and I aced it!


Highlight #5: Witnessing my boyfriend's hard work pay off


As you know, my boyfriend and I have  been trying our best to make it to the gym each day. October has been a consistent month and I noticed my bf has been losing weight and getting even stronger. It's such a great feeling to see my better half progress. I'm a proud girlfriend. By the way, the gif above pretty much sums up my boyfriend at the gym when I try to record him working out hahaha! I love you baby!!


Highlight #6 Making Body Progress

Sooooo...My boyfriend is not the only one who physically changed LOL! I am starting to reap the benefits of my little workouts at the gym and my mommy complimented me the other day :) . It always feels good when someone notices a positive change especially when you work hard to make it happen. During October, my doctor confirmed that I gained (good) weight. I'm currently 132 lbs and this is the heaviest I've weighed. I feel pretty good about my weight but I am also inspired to stay active . 


Highlight #7 Halloween with the munchkins

Although this Halloween wasn't the best, I enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephews dressed up for Halloween! I got stuck handing out candy to the neighborhood kids and I had lots of homework! Here are a few pics of my niece Dora and nephew Duke. Unfortunately my pictures with the rest of the munchkins somehow got deleted from my gallery :/

Well, this  pretty much sums up all my highlights during the month of October. I hope you all had a fabulous and successful month. I'm looking forward to November. That means Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving food, more family time and Charlie Brown marathons on TV!  Thank you for reading!









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