My (Un)healthy Eating Habits

October 3, 2016

I eat whatever I crave. I don't count calories and I don't think twice about eating at a fast food restaurant. If I want to stop by McDonalds and order a quarter pounder with a large coke, guess what? I'm going to stop by McDonald's and order a quarter pounder with a large coke. If I have enough money I might even order some chocolate chip cookies.


Truth be told, I am overly obsessed with chocolate and I am a coffeholic. As a college student, I am so used to eating a bunch of snacks in between classes and I often skip important meals. I also drink way more soda than water. I crave Pepsi and Mountain Dew the most. My parents always pampered me with sweets when I was younger and they still do! I feel so embarrassed writing about my bad eating habits but WHATEVER LOL! 

The only healthy habit that I'm proud to have is that I'm active in the gym. I love a good workout!! I also love going to the gym daily with my boyfriend! I enjoy the feel good sweat from running on the treadmill and the soreness on my stomach the next day. I love to feel and see the positive changes that a workout can do. However, what good is a workout if I'm constantly putting junk food in my body and skipping important meals?!? The other day, I scrolled down my cell phone gallery and I was surprised with all the junk food I put in my body. How can something that tastes SO GOOD be SO bad?!?!  Here's a GLIMPSE of what I've been eating ....












After looking at all these pictures in my phone, I felt the need to pay more attention to what I eat. I feel the effects of all the junk food I devour and it's making me feel lazy and sleepy all the time. I have seen how binge eating can lead to diabetes , obesity, and death. I've witnessed my loved ones struggling with their health and it's hardly ever a happy ending. I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish and I realized that I seriously need to take better care of my body. I don't want to slow myself down by eating all the wrong food. I must change my eating habits. 


Blogging about my journey to better health will hold me accountable to making healthier choices for myself. I'm not saying that I'm fully giving up on my chocolate and soda cravings...NO WAY! LOL! All I'm saying is that I'm going to cut down on the sweets and drink more water (LOTS and LOTS of water!). I will blog about where I am in my health journey at least once a month.  I encourage you gals (and guys) to build good habits as well! I want to live long to take care of my parents and my future family! Be inspired!









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