Staying consistent with prayer

August 21, 2016



Like many of you, I've experienced the power of prayer and the peace that comes with it. I come from a family who is built on faith. I am so blessed to say that I've heard and witnessed my grandmother cry out to the Lord when she was still here. I miss her voice. My grandmother Fa'aumu inspired me in so many different ways growing up. One thing I admire about my grandma is her consistency in her prayer life. I know God works through the prayers of my loved ones and because of His love and faithfulness, I am here today.

I wish I can tell you guys that my prayer life is perfect but that is far from the truth. There have been times when I have gone for months without prayer and I've reaped the fruits of it ... frustration, anger, laziness, jealousy, insecurity and sadness...the list goes on! I am a mess without God. I am a mess without my Savior Jesus Christ. I've come to realize that praying is just as important as eating. Just like how our body can't live without food, our spirit can't live without prayer. When I pray, I am at peace with myself and others. I am also content and happy. We. Need. Prayer. Without prayer, our spirit is dead. Pray about everything and anything that's heavy on your mind. Pray for your loved ones and your LIFE. If you're struggling in your faith, pray about that too. Praise God through prayer. God is listening, He hears you and He loves you. 

This blog post is just a reminder for you and I to stay consistent in prayer. Don't let your spirit starve. Don't use your sin as an excuse to stay away from God. Who says you have to be a "religious" person to pray?? God is your FATHER and just like any loving father, He doesn't want you to worry or stress about anything in this temporary life. God wants a personal relationship with you and opening up to Him in prayer is the perfect way to start! Matter of fact, I'll pray for you right this second....


Heavenly father, 

I thank you so much for another beautiful day. Lord I ask that you would bless the person reading this and take away all their worries and anxieties. Thank you so much for the gift of life and the simple things that we tend to take for granted such as the air we breathe and our loved ones who mean everything to us. God, I pray for your protection over the person reading this and I ask that you will continue to pour out your love and grace over him/her. May your spirit lead us and continue to bless us. In Jesus name, Amen!


Praise Him!!!



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